How we can help you

Concept International Design can help you with various projects on your agenda. And, we can work within your budget. CID helps a wide variety of clients (big and small) to develop an effective marketing plan, create stunning print collateral, and dynamic websites.


Thought, insight, and strategy go hand-in-hand to make a successful campaign. We don’t rush our clients through the creation process just to go on to the next job.  We take our time to learn about the people behind the company and educate ourselves about their procedures, services, and products. We like to get know know what makes a company tick.

thumb_services_webWebsite Design and Private VPS Hosting

Is your website “friendly”?

Proven statistics show that, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will lose important traffic. Your visitors will leave your website if it’s not “friendly” and you will, ultimately, lose business.


All of our websites automatically adjust to any device’s screen size and orientation. So, whether you’re viewing in portrait or landscape mode on a phone, tablet or other device, your website will switch to the appropriate size right away. And, more importantly, you WON’T lose your visitors!

Does your website communicate the correct message?

When it comes to your online business, having the right content is as important as your products and services.

So, how do you know if your website contains the right message? Take a good, long look at your website.

See if your features and benefits are clearly explained and why they are better than your competitors’.

Make sure your website site clearly offers a solution for any problems your potential customers may have.

And, make certain that you have obvious instructions and “calls-to-action” so that your customer knows what to do next.

Is it fast enough and safe?

Lastly, make sure your website runs quickly and is hosted on a private, secure server. Customers don’t have patience to wait for a page to load. We can offer excellent, safe and fast web hosting to you in a variety of packages.

thumb_services_seosemSEO and SEM

Know the difference and don’t confuse the two!

Don’t be fooled!  No one company can absolutely guarantee perfect placement using search engines…but…we will do our best!  See what our clients have to say about their first page placements.


There are a lot of options for getting your site noticed by customers on the web, and most of them are useful to some degree, but knowing which methods to use, when to use them, and how to apply them most forcefully and cost-effectively can be a challenge for even the most savvy business owner.

We’ll discuss the best fit for your needs. The most popular strategies are paid advertising (such as Google Adwords), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Marketing
This includes any type of online brand advertising such as social media and published articles.

The purpose of SEM and SEO is increase the visibility of your website and bring more customers to you.

We will also compile a checklist on how you can get the most out of your Google Analytics.

We will also offer advice on content writing. This is critical, too.

thumb_services_printPrint Collateral

Contrary to popular belief, supporting visuals (i.e. graphic design, ads, brochures, etc.) should NOT be the first to be cut from your budget. These serve as critical tools to present your first impression to existing and potential customers.


Graphic Design is something that drives advertising and attracts us to a brand. It is present everywhere and found in magazines, newspapers, websites, posters, books, signage, and more. It gives your company a face and visual presentation that, just by looking at it, you get feelings and a mental positioning in mind on the service or product. Don’t forget, as the global market shrinks with current technology, the need for that eye-catching graphic presentation becomes more and more valuable to a business!

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thumb_services_trainingSales Staff Training and Customer Service Training

Does your staff need sales training? Just for that extra oomph in sales or for that extra bit of encouragement?

Do you need one-on-one coaching for your staff?

Would you like to improve your customer service?

Tailor-made workshops and one-on-one sessions are available. All with a friendly approach to ensure a buy-in from your staff.

Sales and customer service are important to an organization for many reasons. Mostly, it would be difficult for any company to survive without them since there would be no one available to answer questions from prospective customers or handle payments. Customer service is also important to you because it’s often the only contact a customer has with your company!

thumb_services_salescallsSales Calls

Don’t just drop your brochure, postcard, or sales letter in the mail and be done with it. Let us do the follow up telemarketing with a positive energy providing you with great success on your campaign! Will also compile all of the feedback received by the recipients and reports all of our findings to you.

We call on small to large companies for you, so you can concentrate at your business at hand.

Some of our sales call clients include:

Wells Fargo, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Arnold Worldwide, ICT Group, Giles, ABA Consulting, Cornerstone Branding, Levick, McBru, Total Billings, Pennebaker, ICT Group

thumb_services_pressPress Releases

Not only can we write ’em, we can send ’em out AND follow-up with phone calls to all media contacts who receive your press releases to ensure that you get the coverage you deserve.

Press releases publicize important and useful information about an upcoming event or one that has occurred. If you’re having a grand opening, special event or new product launch, these are all good reasons for alerting the media!

thumb_services_socialSocial Media

Social media is now a real game changer. It will continue to have a significant impact on marketers and business owners.

Now, you have the ability to reach out and communicate on a personal level with your target audience on a regular basis. This is quite a powerful tool.


Americans spend an average of more than 30 minutes daily on social media. This is even higher than time spent on any other major internet activity, including email.

You can reap several benefits from social media:

Increase exposure for your company

Improve sales

Develop loyal fans

Generate new leads

Increase traffic to your website

Improve your search ranking

Grow new and existing business partnerships

Reduce marketing expenses

Provide marketplace insight

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