Put on a good show at your next trade show


Graphics are one of the most important elements of any trade show exhibit. They set the tone of your exhibit, and determine how your company will be perceived. You want to select graphics that will not only reinforce your company’s brand image, but effectively communicate to your audience what your company or product can do for them as well.


Grab their attention

One of the best ways to captivate your audience’s attention is to use appealing trade show graphics. You can use graphics to create interest and depth within your exhibit, which makes it more visually stimulating. To really amplify your message your trade show graphics should have excellent color, clarity, and detail.

Show them you’re a trustful company

Your company has what show attendees are looking for, right? So, why not show them that you are a professional company that can be trusted? Do this by conveying a clear message and representing yourself appropriately.

Some things to avoid

People will pass by your booth if it is poorly printed and looks unprofessional. Potential customers will also not take any time to step into your booth are if they see rows and rows of cluttered text. Text won’t sell your products or services, YOU will!  State your main message in no more than 5-7 words and engage people as they walk toward your booth. If people have to ask who you are or ask, “So what exactly do you do?”, you’re in trouble.  Avoid this be putting your best visual foot forward.

Maximize your sales leads

Data collection from potential clients must not be ignored at your trade show. The information you gather from people is crucial for you and your sales team. Then, the real work begins AFTER the show.

Follow-up is crucial

Gathering contact information at trade shows is only the first step toward your company’s success. In order to truly maximize the benefits of your collected data, it’s crucial to follow up on each gathered sales lead. Take notes immediately after you speak with your booth visitors and keep those notes handy when you compile all of your data after the show. Follow-up sales calls are always more effective if the person you’re calling feels that you truly remember them and the conversation you’ve had with them.

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