Your customers are valuable, but so are your customer service reps


Customer service is one of the most visible and significant aspects of any organization, however, it can be one of the most challenging and neglected areas of management. In the eyes of a customer, the quality of customer service determines whether or not to buy AND whether or not to remain a customer.


Maintain an attitude of service excellence

Speak well of your organization. Respond quickly and cheerfully to all customers’ inquiries. Take good care of their needs by asking probing, open-ended questions. This assures them that you really do care about them.

It’s all about rapport

Engage in a conversational exchange of information with your customer. Express genuine interest in them. You can do this by listening to what he or she is saying, empathize and relate to the request, and you’ll be amazed at how well this trust-building technique really works.

Use customer-friendly body language and words

Greet all customers with a smile and use a cheerful and enthusiastic tone of voice (even if you’re on the phone). And, always practice open and friendly body language and eye contact.

Exceed customer expectations

Anticipate your customers’ needs and pay close attention to those special requests. This type of special treatment goes a long way and can produce more sales.

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