Sales representatives and account managers are key to your company


If you want to continue to develop your team and grow your business, preparing your sales team must be done right.


Make it easy for your customers to buy

Put yourself in the mindset of your customer. Make sure that your sales process isn’t too confusing or complicated. Get rid of any unnecessary steps in the buying process and always ask them if there is anything more you can do to help them.

Always evaluate your process

You should always be checking your sales process and include any changes that are necessary. Sales teams who are committed to improving performance are the ones who win in the end. They are never complacent and always strive to do their job ever more effectively.

Make sure your sales team really knows you

Is your team really in tune with what your company offers its customers?  Members of your sales staff must know your product or service inside and out and be comfortable in discussing it with anyone, right off the cuff! The more familiar your team is with you, the more dedicated, confident, and successful they will be.

Heed advice from those in the “trenches”

Your salespeople, whether inside or outside, can offer you valuable feedback. Always take the time to listen to them. They are the main contact point for your customers and they can pass along invaluable information to you. If you see a pattern developing, then you know you need to change the way you promote your products or services.

Challenge your team but offer rewards, too

Professional salespeople like a challenge. In fact, a friendly sense of competition among one another is healthy and can be fun. Everyone is encouraged by incentives. Make sure you set clear objectives, measure progress, then reward your team’s achievement. Don’t forget about those who come in second and third place. You must reward them, as well. Otherwise, you will find that they will rapidly become complacent if particular people are regularly winning a contest. If the first place goal seems unattainable, you don’t want your reps to develop a “why bother?” attitude.

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